Cause I know you will love me either way..

The show is over close the story book
There will be no encore
And all the random hands that I have shook
Well they’re reaching for the door
I watch their backs as they leave single file
But you stood stubborn, cheering all the while.. ♪


BowMagika // Kawaii Bow

Hair: [ 69 ]  SONIA 02 – Mocha

Necklace: *A BirdSong*  Ishtar Flower Necklace

Dress:  – CHANDELLE – Dress Addie black ~ NEW RELEASE!!! ~

Bracelets:  ~Pepper~ Bracelet LOVE ME

TightsIzzie’s  – Tights fishnet

ShoesLA2 – Smootie Black ~ NEW RELEASE!!! ~